About us

About Colorado Pain Network


The Network is proud to offer state-of-the-art comprehensive pain relief treatment at a contemporary location that has been designed to provide relief for you in the least invasive way.


As a boutique pain practice, we only see a select number of patients every day to make sure you receive appropriate time to talk, and our providers are experts in their fields. We use the most modern and effective treatment methods to benefit you.


Here are some reasons why we are the best Denver pain center for pain treatment:


  • We have treated thousands of work and auto injuries, failed back surgery, sports injuries, neurological problems, and complex injuries.d1fa7387-e00e-4d54-803b-d20841da3ebdzoom


  • We offer regenerative medicine procedures including stem cell procedures and PRP therapy to avoid joint replacement.


  • Comprehensive, customized approach including: medication management, and nonsurgical interventional procedures for migraines, sciatica, headaches, damaged spinal discs, nerve compression, neck and back pain, arthritis pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.


  • Providing effective relief for work injuries, chronic pain, auto and motorcycle accidents, personal injuries, slips and falls, motorcycle injuries, failed surgery, arthritis and more.


If you or a loved one has been involved in an auto, work injury or experiencing chronic pain, please contact our office immediately, to speak with a patient representative.


Fast appointments available and unparalleled success!








Meet Our Providers

Christopher Huser, MD

Dr. Huser is a Board Certified Physician with extensive experience in patient care. Dr. Huser graduated medical school from Indiana University, performed his anesthesiology training at Northwestern University, and completed his pain fellowship at Northwestern University. Dr. Huser successfully treats all kinds of acute and chronic pain conditions such as sciatica, back/neck pain, cancer pain, whiplash, CRPS, scoliosis and more. With Dr. Huser’s training and experience, he takes advantage of all kinds of state-of-the-art options to successfully achieve nonoperative pain relief for patients.

Giancarlo Checa, MD

Dr. Checa is a highly trained pain doctor who offers patients a combination of skill and compassion that results in relief. After completing medical school at the University of Colorado, he completed residency at Yale and a fellowship at UCSF.  Dr. Checa uses his fellowship level of pain management medical training combined with a holistic approach to treat patients at an effective level.This includes innovative treatments along with longstanding options for all types of conditions such as back/neck pain, RSD, neuropathy, migraines, failed surgery, cancer pain, scoliosis, pelvic pain, arthritis, whiplash, abdominal pain and more.

Donald Bernardini, MD

Dr. Bernardini is a Triple Board Certified Physician who is an expert in nonoperative pain relief. He completed medical school at Robert Wood Johnson, with a subsequent residency at Harvard and fellowship at Texas Tech University. Dr. Bernardini specializes in all types of treatments for neck and back pain, chronic pain issues like arthritis, failed surgery, facial pain, RSD and more. Cutting edge treatments include spinal cord implants, pain pumps, nerve ablation, kyphoplasty, nerve blocks, joint injections and more.

Kevin Smith, MD

Dr. Smith is a Double Board-Certified Physician with over 10 years of experience. He completed both medical school and residency at Indiana University. He offers an amazing array of treatment options, which are customized to each patient’s individual needs. This includes both interventional procedures and medication management when indicated.The vast majority of patients under Dr. Smith’s care are able to satisfactorily achieve relief while avoiding potentially risky surgery. This includes both simple and complex pain disorders.